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Computer Exchange Service & Sales
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Home Computer Services

If you're like many of the people who use computers at home, you've undoubtedly experienced technical difficulties that were probably both frustrating and time-consuming. You may have even spent hours on the phone with technical support troubleshooting an issue. We take these hassles and frustrations out of technology so you can spend less time and money dealing with it and more time using and enjoying it. 

Our services include: 
  • computer sales
  • in-shop computer service & repair
  • onsite computer service & repair
  • remote support
  • wireless networking
  • spyware/virus protection & removal
  • hardware and software installation & repair
  • data recovery

Many more services available...

Computer Repair

We can help you with any computer problem. We repair desktops and laptops. Most people learn to live with their computer problems. Don't live that way. Let us help.

Spyware & Virus Removal

Spyware, maleware, and virus infections are common reasons that your computer will act strange or start operating slowly. You may be receiving annoying pop-ups or maybe your hard drive is constantly working. These are a couple of signs that your computer is infected. Let us help.


Computer Upgrades

Upgrading a computer is a great way to extend its life for another few years without investing in a new one. In most cases installing more memory, a faster CPU, a new hard drive, and/or a new video card can significantly speed up your system.


New Custom Computers

A custom computer is the best way to get exactly what you want. The components we use in our custom built computers are a higher quality compared to what you find in mass produced machines. Many potential failures can be avoided if you install high quality parts from the start. With proper planning a custom computer can be easily upgraded in the future. We can build you a machine at either end of the performance spectrum and anywhere in between.


Data Recovery

If you think you have lost some data, we have the tools to help you get it back. We can even setup a backup solution for you, so this never happens again.


Tune-ups and Maintenance

Any computer slows down because of the abundant software, plug-ins, and ad-ware installed over time. We will clean your system, scan your hardware for problems, and install any updates your operating system needs.



Network Setup and Repair

We can set up wired or wireless networks so they are secure and easy to use. Sharing printers and files will be easier than ever.


File Management

We can install a backup system to guard against data loss in the event of a primary hard drive failure. Everyone needs to backup files, but most do not. Let us help you protect your memories.


Software & Hardware Setup

If you need an upgrade for your software, a new program installed, or have any hardware you need set up, we can take care of it.


General Computer & Technology Support

We will help you with any technology need or question. From setting up your Blackberry to hooking up a new theater system, we are here to help. Call today and ask.


Laptop Repair

We provide laptop repair services for all makes and models notebooks and tablets, including:

» Sony Vaio Laptop Repair
» Thinkpad Laptop Repair
» Toshiba Laptop Repair
» Gateway Laptop Repair

» Asus Laptop Repair
» Acer Laptop Repair
» Fujitsu Laptop Repair
» Panasonic Laptop Repair

» Apple Laptop Repair
» HP Laptop Repair
» Compaq Laptop Repair
» Dell Laptop Repair

We sell a wide variety of laptop parts for the models we service, both under warranty and obsolete. Laptop LCD or water damage may not be economicaly feasible to repair. These types of damage can be so extensive that the cost of repair can be more than a new laptop. Although the laptop or notebook may be damaged beyond repair, data recovery is usually possible. New LCD screens are expensive to replace, but we can usually find used inexpensive LCD screens.

Laptop or notebook repairs requiring parts may be subject to manufacture's availability.

Some of the laptop services we provide include:

» Laptop General Repairs
» Power Jack Repairs
» Motherboard Repairs
» LCD Replacement

» Laptop Upgrades
» Laptop & LCD Cleaning
» Laptop Keyboard Repair
» Laptop Data Recovery

» Laptop Wireless Repair
» Laptop Modem Repair
» Battery Replacement
» Custom Built Laptops

"Great Service! I have several computers at home and many more where I work. Computer Exchange( have been servicing our computers at work for several years and have always done a incredible job setting up and maintaining everything. When I had a personal issue I took my computer to them for the first time and was thoroughly impressed. I was told up front what was to be expected of my repair and called during the repair process to follow up with questions I had asked when dropping it off. They had several suggestions to help my computer run faster and were able to upgrade my computer to run faster than it ever had! I have heard horror stories from people with othercomputer geek stores and thought I would take a couple of minutes to let everyone know if you need a good local company that knows what they are doing and are trustworthy, Computer Exchange is a great choice! "
— Andy