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Computer Repair Services & Virus Removal in Lynchburg, VA

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  • Fast and Effective Virus Removal
  • Wireless Network and Internet Setup
  • Remote Support Available
Computer Exchange is a company you can trust to build, repair, and troubleshoot your computer or network. Chain stores lack individualized treatment, products, and support. Once you see what we offer, you will never go back. Make us your first choice in Virginia for computer repair and support. 

Industry News

Microsoft Adds Support For Custom '+' Email Addresses in Office 365

July 14th

Microsoft is adding support for custom email addressing to Office 365 email services, a feature it hopes to complete in Q3 2020. From a report: Custom email addresses are an optional feature that some email providers can support. The feature is described ...

Enigma Code-Breaking Machine Rebuilt At Cambridge

July 14th

Cambridge Engineering alumnus Hal Evans has built a fully-functioning replica of a 1930s Polish cyclometer -- an electromechanical cryptologic device that was designed to assist in the decryption of German Enigma ciphertext. The replica currently resides ...

US Threatens To Restrict WeChat Following TikTok Backlash

July 14th

Amid intense scrutiny over TikTok as a potential national security risk in the U.S., WeChat, the essential tool for Chinese people's day-to-day life, is also taking heat from Washington. TechCrunch reports: White House trade advisor Peter Navarro told Fox...